Colombia-Geisha 250g



La Cabaña is a single estate located in El Agrado municipality in Huila
department at the south-western part of Colombia between Central and East
Andes mountain ranges. The farm is part of the Pérez’s family business named
Alma del Huila in the head of Mr. Gilberto Pérez. It has 20 hectares of which 14
hectares are coffee crops and the other 6 are part of a forest where many
springs are born and that provide water for the people of El Agrado.
They have approximately 100.000 coffee trees. Coffee is cultivated and hand
picked in this farm but the cherries are then taken to a wet milling central
located in Garzón (another municipality of Huila department) half an hour away
from El Agrado. In this wet milling central they produce naturals and washed
micro-lots from traditional processes as well as long anaerobic fermentations
ranging from 120 to 300 hours.

This lot is traditional natural processed Gesha variety. Harvesting of ripe
beans, color selection and then in the water, the floating beans are
removed. The fermented cherries are then sun-dried making sure that
the temperature does not exceed the 38°C and until a 15% of moisture
The mountainous characteristics of Huila together with the climate are
influenced by the Magdalena River and the two mountain ranges of the
Andes, within which are several snowcapped volcanoes that provide the
soil with mineral richness. The valleys of the river attract quality tropical
air masses that come from the Caribbean.
This combination provides spectacular conditions and unique
microclimates that explain why the coffee of Huila is so delicious.


Region:El Agrado, Huila Department
Altitude: 1800
Variety: Geisha
Cup Profile:Ripe tropical fruits, raisin, floral and tealike

Score: 88,5