Colombia La Indonesia Bourbon Natural 250gr


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La Indonesia sits 1750 meters above sea level on one of Nariño’s many mountain slopes. The farm has infrastructure to process Washed, Honey, and Natural coffees, as well as over 300 square meters of patios for drying coffee. Plantains, citrus, bananas, lulo, and corn are all cultivated alongside the coffee crop as well.

This lot of Bourbon coffee underwent Natural processing. Harvested cherries are measured for their sugar content, ensuring a reading of 22 degrees Brix before processing. Cherries are sorted via floatation to remove defects before being washed with a mixture of water and alcohol. The washed cherries are put into food-grade plastic tanks and are dry fermented for 100–120 hours. The fermented cherries are dried for approximately 20 days on raised beds before being finished on the drying patio where they reach a humidity of 10–11%. Coffee is stored in Latin A Tech bags prior to shipment.


Region: Nariño
Producer: Frank Rivas Torres
Farm: La Indonesia
Process: Natural
Tasting notes: Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Praline, Vanilla
Elevation: 1750 meters