Ecuador Anaerobic Natural 250gr


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Farmers Jose Fransico Jimenez and his wife Berta Chamba run two small farms called El Guayacan and Las Aguacoras, 5-hectares each, in the Potrerillos Barrio of Gonzanamá in Loja. In 2017 they took 2nd place in Ecuador’s Taza Dorada national quality competition. They are also working with their neighbors, helping them manage irrigation projects and creating housing developments for the under-sheltered in the region.

Their process for harvest is as precise as its results are delicious. Hand-picked cherries, by the family a few seasonal employees, are delivered to the wet mill where they are first floated for density before pulping and then fermenting for roughly 18-20 hours. Afterwards, a fresh water wash removes the remaining mucilage and the wet parchment is taken to dry in a system of raised beds under shaded canopies.


Region: Loja
Altitude: 1750
Variety: Typica
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Profile: Vanilla, Chamomile, Pineapple, Peach
Score: 86