Ethiopia-Burtukaana Siko 250g



This lot comes from a washing station named Siko. Located in the Siko village of Uraga, Guji, this washing station produces quality cup profiles and high-scoring lots.

The station buys cherries from around 500 neighbouring farmers, whose farms sit at high altitudes of 2100 – 2250 masl. The land’s rich, fertile, red soils, combined with constant sunlight exposure, allow the well-trained farmers to grow high quality coffee we keep coming back for.

About the naming:
In the Oromiffa language, “burtukaana” means “orange”. We use it to describe coffees that are round, citric, with notes of stone fruit, and a good overall structure.



Region: Uraga,Guji
Altitude: 2250
Cup Profile: Tealike and juicy, with complex citrus and bright red fruit. Winey fruit and mild funk. Brown spices, dark chocolate. Peach cider-like flavours and a stone fruit finish.
Score: 87